Full Moon in Pisces — August 6th, 2017

full moon lady

Happy full moon friends ❤️ This month we have a full moon in my sign, Pisces! Pisces rules the dream world and is also one of the most emotional signs, so this full moon can really make strong, hidden emotions surface and be felt more intensely. It’s hard to hide these feelings right now, but allow yourself to feel and accept them so you can move on and heal This is always my favorite time of the month, there’s just something about all the energy that is really exciting ✨

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, god of the sea, meaning maximum energy and maximum strength for hurricane Irma..we need to send out positive energy to all those living in its path right now ❤

During these few days, it is also great time to make a spiritual bath to attracting your lover, fortune, energy, and wealth, reading tarot cards, cleansing your aura, and my favorite, making moon water, because the moon has the most energy right now.  ✨

What’s your favorite full moon ritual? ✨

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