How to See Auras

In the metaphysical world, you will frequently hear about how one can cleanse their aura, but what exactly is an aura? What is its purpose and of course, how can you see not only your aura, but other’s auras as well?

The aura is the human energy field that emanates from the body. It is a subtle emanation that surrounds the body and can be seen by the naked eye if one focuses. Everything has an aura as everything has energy, not just humans. It can also be a reflection of vibrations of your soul and the state of your chakras. Vibrations have energy and people can sense bad energy from a mile away–what do you think people are referring to when they mention “good/bad vibes” ? ┬áThis is one form of sensing an aura.

Many say that the aura is an object’s electromagnetic field. It has been scientifically proven that every object has an electromagnetic field, but what is debatable is whether or not is if it can be seen by the naked eye. A few theories on what exactly the aura is include a bioenergy field, moisture from skin, body heat, bio photons being release from injury, a type of energy communication, or a result of synesthesia.

Interesting enough, I have always felt my own aura my whole life, even as a child, without realizing what it was, but knowing that something was there that was very real. I often described it as feeling some kind of “light” or “force” reaching out from my fingertips and my body in general. I always wondered what it was and found it so strange to feel that my life doesn’t end at my fingertips and how I can physically feel some kind of energy from within me extend past them. So later on when I did learn about auras, I did believe in them because it accurately describes what I have been feeling my whole life. Needless to say, people thought I was a total headcase when I was a kid (and they still do sometimes, lol).

Auras are constantly changing and are thought to vibrate to different stimuli. The color aspect of it is said to vary according to one’s state of mind, body, and spirit. With that being said, your aura isn’t (usually) just one color and there are many layers of color to your aura as well as layers to your aura itself, making up your etheric double. A person’s characteristics and mood can vary the colors and levels of intensity of their aura as well. Your aura can also be affected by external stimuli like your environment or by doing certain spiritual activities like holding crystals or meditating. The aura can radiate out far from the body or it can stay close to the body. People are able to blend their electromagnetic fields together by conducting healing activities together, having sex, or sharing any kind of physical or emotional energies, this allows their auras to merge and will thus be very similar for the time being.

Okay, now that we covered all the important parts and you have a basic understanding of what the aura is, let’s get on to the fun part: how you can see the aura!

  • Start off by relaxing and clearing your mind. Relax and release the tension from your eyes because you don’t want to strain your eyes.
  • If you are viewing your own aura, you can hold up your hand or thumb up to a piece of white paper and stare a little bit to the side of it. If you’re viewing another person’s aura, also have them stand in front of a white wall or background and look to the side of their body.
  • Focus your gaze on one side of your hand/the person. Gently gaze. You may feel your eyes go out of focus and that is perfectly fine and it may even help you see the aura easier.
  • When done correctly, you should see some kind of wavy energy emerge after a few minutes of concentration, similar to heat rising from a hot sidewalk.
  • You may see the energy field first and then it will get more intense to where you might see some colors in the energy field after, or you may not see any colors at all. At this point you should definitely be able to sense the aura in addition to seeing it. It may disappear after a few seconds as auras are constantly changing.
  • Remember, relaxation is key as it is when taking part in any kind of spiritual activities.

Different colors have different meanings and are associated with its respective chakra. If you see a break or hole in your aura, it will usually manifest as a defect mentally, spiritually, or physically, but it is quite common for a person to have uneven areas in their aura. Having gaps in your aura can leave you feeling sick, drained, experience mental confusion, and can leave you expose to attacks on your energy. Knowing about the state of your aura can help you heal and balance it and usually the aura does a pretty good job at repairing itself within a few days. However, gaps that aren’t repaired can lead to long lasting health problems like fatigue, anxiety, depression, etc.

One can clean or repair their aura in many different ways. You can use healing crystals, blessing waters, herbs, and more to pass over and revive the energy field of your body. You can also take a spiritual bath by placing the same items in your bath and soaking in it at dawn or dusk. Lastly, you can smudge or fumigate yourself and your living spaces with incense that has healing and protective qualities in order to banish negative energies.

Don’t be discouraged if you cannot see the aura on your first try. It may come naturally to you or it may take some practice, but keep trying and hopefully you will succeed!

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