Candle Colors & their Meaning — Significance of Fire

Candles are an awesome addition to any prayer, ritual, meditation, or spell because it intensifies the energies and intentions being put out to the universe, thus making them more effective. The flame represents the natural spark within us all, our light from within–our soul.

candle flame

Candles are one of the simplest forms of magic that people use all over the world including at church altars, Wiccan alters, menorahs during Hanukkah, Kwanzaa candles, or during Diwali in India. It’s interesting to learn that both the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and Hindu holiday of Diwali are both called the “Festival of Lights.” Candles are also used in Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest monotheistic religions, whose central symbol is fire!

Fire is a great element to utilize during your spiritual activities because it is also one of the 4 powerful, classic elements of life: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Fire creates and fire destroys. It melts, burns, evaporates, illuminates. The “fire” in the sky gives us life on Earth. The phoenix is reborn and rises from the ashes of its fire. Earth, air, and water are powerful elements, but only fire can change and transform things. One can say without fire, no real transformation can take place.

The raging fire within our soul is passion, passion for love and life. When you light a candle, a physical flame, upon your altar, realize that it symbolizes the raging fire within you, uniting that which is seen and that which is unseen.

Meaning of each candle color:

candle colors magic

WHITE: all purpose, purification, protection, healing, spellcasting, enlightenment, lunar rituals, virginity, and can be used in place of other colors.
YELLOW: happiness, creativity, confidence, charm, attraction, devotion, money, unity.
GOLD: money, fortune, prosperity, solar rituals, solar deities, masculine energy and deities.
ORANGE: intellect, change, prophetic dreams.
PINK: romance, love, relationships, friendships, attraction.
RED: passion, protection, lust, love, romance, vigor, healing, health, strength.
VIOLET: spirituality, relaxation.
PURPLE: psychic abilities, power, success, mastery, control.
ROYAL BLUE: spirituality, loyalty, truth seeking.
DARK BLUE: dreams, emotions, sleep.
LIGHT/POWDER BLUE: spirituality, truth seeking, forgiveness, peace, tranquility.
GREEN: good luck, fertility, fortune, prosperity, money, success, abundance, nature, healing.
BROWN: earth, nature, balance.
SILVER/GREY: neutrality, lunar energy and deities, feminine energy and deities.
BLACK: enhances protection, removes negativity, banishment, repelling, represents outerspace & universe.

To use candles during your rituals:

tealight candles

Pick a candle in a color that relates to your purpose for the ritual. Tealight candles are good for short rituals, pillar candles are better for long ceremonies, and taper candles are a great all purpose candle for any duration.

Make sure it has been cleansed in a sea salt bath to get rid of any negative energies that it has acquired during its handling. You can choose to anoint the candles with your choice of herbs, oils, or resins.

Set your intentions while lighting the flame, calling the Divine Creator and asking the Divine to open your heart. Watch the flame grow as you feel the love within you grow as well.

Recite your prayer, mantra, affirmation, spell, etc. while keeping your eyes fixed on the flame the whole time. You should reach a meditative state and you may even see images within the flame itself.

When you feel it is time to end your ceremony and extinguish the fire, thank the Creator and your angels, then snuff the flame with your fingers or let it burn out by itself. Don’t blow it out because it can nullify any work you have just done.

Discard the wax on your property or under a big, healthy tree if you’re trying to attract things or at a crossroads if you’re trying to banish or repel things.